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Detachment and deep understanding of a tantric healing session

During a tantric healing session a release of blocked energy takes place in our base and sexual chakras that is going to be channelled and uplifted  towards the heart and the higher chakras.
This liberation comes together with an expansion of consciousness that brings us into connection with our higher self.
This release triggers a movement of sexual energy that can be confused with a sexual arousal. The sensation takes us to the deep feeling of being alive.
Wait, breathe, do exercises of contraction in the perineum and the anus to bring the energy upwards.
The effects of the session are going to last at least for 5 days. The recall of that experience recorded in our cellular memory together with the occasional or continuos release of energy during the day and its expansion throughout our body are experiences that are going to take place the following days after the treatment.
We will feel like a sexual arousal, an opening of our heart, like a love explosion.

It is a unique and interior process. The person that guided us and helped us to awaken all these sensations in us is not the motor, we are the motor.
I invite you to reflect to avoid dependency, be grateful to the therapist but do not confuse. Cases of «falling in love» can happen when we make the therapist responsible of that powerful experience that happened inside of us. The therapist is only the catalyst observing the session. It is a very intimate work and it exists the tendency to mix up the emotions, emotions that are not properly channelled.
Let some days pass, at least a week until the balance is regained inside of you. The person has to remain: before, during and after the treatment inside of him/herself and understand that this is a process of personal liberation, self-discovery and self-growth.


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