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Compilation of Tantric ancient scriptures

The man sees the woman as a goddess. The woman sees the man as a god. By joining the diamond scepter and lotus, they offer themselves to each other. There is no other worship than this.

Chandamaharosana Tantra
(circa 700 CE)


Truth is the Supreme Enlightenment….
Truth is the most excellent. 
Therefore has it been said by Me that in the current Kali Age
Kaula ways, a Tantric path that includes sexual union, should be practiced truthfully and openly.

Mahanirvana Tantra
(circa 1600 CE)


«To the pure in heart, everything is pure.»

Kaulavali Nirnaya Tantra
(circa 1600 CE)

«The Lotus-flower, the sex organ of the woman, is an ocean filled with Bliss. This Lotus-flower is also the empty space where the Impulse to Enlightenment rises up. When the Scepter – the male organ – unites with it, their mixture is like the Elixir arising from the combination of nutmeg and myrrh. From their union a Pure Knowledge arises, which illuminates the nature of all things.»

Kalachakra Tantra


Shakti, the Goddess, is the creator of the Universe,
And the Universe is her fascinating body;
Shakti is the basis of the entire world; 
She is the intimate substance of any body.

Shaktisangama Tantra

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