El arte del masaje con Amor

Tantra for women

Tantra massage  is a path of self discovery,  an experience of self growth,  it is a path of spiritual development where you learn to connect with your inner self.

Tantra massage teaches you to integrate your sexuality and your sensuality as something natural and beautiful that is part of you,  to live in harmony with your feminine power and consequently be able to nourish yourself from it, in the path of self-knowledge.

During a tantra massage session  you learn to channel you sexual energy and thus live your sexuality from bliss,  it helps you to reconnect with your innermost self and accept you totally to live from fullness and abundance.

This discovery makes a positive increase in  your personal magnetism and your power of seduction.

All that is related  with your sexuality will be from now on healthy, bountiful and satisfactory.

Tantra massage for women focuses on yoni massage to heal your uterus, a feminine center that stores many unresolved emotions that can remain stagnated, blocking the free and natural flow of energy. This fact affects your life negatively.


We offer special session for the modern women of today:


Shakti Tantra

We invite you to discover through this very intimate session deep within you. This is a session for a woman given by a woman therapist. The fact that a woman gives you the session facilitates relaxation and an integral healing. Come, relax and let yourself go, you are in good hands.

We offer you a sacred space for you to heal your  unresolved emotions:  express them, free yourself from them, untie the emotional  knot, breath deep, let go and walk lighter.

Sessions from the heart with lots of Love, respect and tenderness.

Reiki and chakra balance are included.

Yoni Shakti

The purpose of the yoni massage session is to  remove the blockages  that stop you sexual power to manifest fully, channeling the awakened vital energy towards the heart and the higher energy centers.

The massage centers itself in the direct connection between the the Yoni and the heart.

A deep healing of the uterus takes also place.

          1 hora 30 min : 170 Euros
          2 horas : 220 Euros

We recommend session from 2 hours onwards.