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Tantra Price List

prices tantra massage

We offer special and advance techniques sessions to distinguish the diverse tantric experiences you can   have. The therapist will guide you. All the sessions are customized for your special needs. We recommend a session of 2 hours min, however it all depends on you and your schedule.

The rituals of salutation, gratefulness or adoration are préliminaires  of the tantric experience. They enhance your inner light and beauty. Ask for them and include them before your session at no aditional cost.


♥Special sessions: These sessions are focused on a deep energy healing level.

Kundalini Shakti: Tantra Healing for the  main energy channel. Unique session with energy touch, chakra balance and Reiki.

 Tao Tantra: Intense massage with pressure in specific points. The aim of the massage is to balance the feminine and masculine energies in the body (yin/yan).

Tantra Reiki: A deep healing massage that removes bad energy and emocional blockages. It filas your heart with Peace.

Shiva Lingam: To those who want to awaken their vital energy and  train their inner power. The energy will be channel up to the heart where you can experience a deep inner  fulfillment. The session is given only in the frontal part of the body with the focus in the connection between the base chakra and the heart.

♥♥Advance Sessions: Very intimate sessions focused on the awakening of emotions on a sensual level to take you to a place beyond the senses.

Alchemy: Very sensitive, energizing and healing massage.

Fusion: A  soft and delicate massage that brings an inner union.

Velvet Touch: The art of Love in Tantra philosophy has a peak in the sensitive massage with the velvet touch technique. Velvet touch is a  very slow and superficial caress, that is done while pouring warm oil on  the body allowing an almost magical  slide with the hands. The careos is ethereal, slow and peaceful…like velvet on the skin. A very soft and special caress full of love and tenderness, like a balm for the heart and soul. Velvet touch is not a technique, it is a creation. The body becomes a canvas where the brushstrokes flow, connect themselves and bring light to the soul. Velvet touch brings deep relaxation. Velvet touch touches  the heart.

Deep Tantra: you will live new sensations as this session is given with your eyes covered and the option to be tied up. Surprises and a rest for the eyes. When one sense is suppressed the rest of the senses intensify themselves.

Shiva Pearl: For the sybarite. A playful massage given with a pearl necklace. A divine surprise for the senses.

    1  hour    200 Euro
    1 hour 30 min    300 Euro
     2 hours    400 Euro
    2 hours 30 min    500 Euro
     3 hours    600 Euro
    3 hours 30 min    700 Euro
    4 hours    800 Euro

♥♥♥ Expertise session: For tantric sybarites

Chaise Longue:  An intense and transformative tantric experience. Welcome to experience an amazing and liberating session.


1 hour                               300 Euro

1 hour 30 min                  400 Euro

2 hours                            500 Euro



Madya: 4 hoursA beautiful divine experience The 5 tenses will be awakened: smell, touch, taste, sound, sight: your eyes can be covered also to intensify sensations. The awakening of the five senses through an unforgetable adoration ritual, where you will feel like a divinity. Please confirm this session in advance. The massage will be a combination of all the special sessions massage.

Devi: 3,5 hours 600 adoration ritual + Fusion

Shiva-Shakti: 3,5 hours 600 Euro

The ritual include Sexual Tantric meditation, tantric hugs, and Velvet touch and silk touch massage. A beautiful divine experience.

Jewel Ritual 2,5 hrs 500 Euro Shiva/Shakti workship, Pearl Shiva Lingam and Fusion.

Ritual for couples 2 hours 600 Euro

During the session you will learn a salutation ritual followed by a tantra massage of 1,5 hours. Enjoy this experience together.

Ritual Alchemy: the inner  transformation 5,5 hours 

With this ritual, you have the opportunity to live a supreme and transcendental experience given by a professional therapist that will guide you in your journey to the 7th Heaven.  You will explore, by receiving the most intense tantra massage modalities all in one special occasion:  velvet touch, alchemy, silk touch, fusion…and much more.



A 4 hands massage is a delight for your sensuality. A marvelous experience that connects you deep within yourself.

    1  hour    350 Euro
    1 hour 30 min    550 Euro
     2 hours    750 Euro