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Tantra Massage

Tantra massage Barcelona

Glanz Tantra Reiki

Tantra Massage is an unconditional demonstration  of Love and tenderness acknowledging the unity in all of us. Is an act of compassion and gratitude.

Tantra Massage liberates vital energy that is going to be channelled towards the heart, allowing you to experience an intimate and loving fullness within you. It is a whole body, mind and soul healing that works giving the following remarkable effects:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Awakens the 5 senses in the body: smell, touch, taste, sight and sound. That creates the awareness to feel and witness the sensuality in us. Through the sensations  and the relaxed breathing pattern, we connect deep within ourselves and discover peace.
  • Works with the vital energy: to awaken it, to remote blockages and to transform it.
  • Works with the energy centers in our body to allow energy release and flow, giving you a feeling of balance and fullness. Shows you how to increase your vital potency without wasting energy.
  • Deep Healing occurs: release of energy, expansion of consciousness
  • The effects last from 5-7 days after receiving the treatment.
    The memory of the effects and sensations are unforgettable.

During the Tantra massage your whole body will be pampered with warm almond oil, feathers and the touch of silk and cotton. You will feel yourself go between soft ad energetic touches into a journey of self discovery. The experience is an amazing discovery.

Tantra Massage:

  • Yoni (female)
  • Lingam (male)
  • Sacred point (by request only in long sessions)

A deep and amazing Tantra Massage experience would start from a session of two hours onwards , however if you do not have enough time or you want to have a first taste of what it is, we also have sessions that start from 1 hour.

masaje tantra barcelona

Tantra massage Barcelona

The importance of receiving a Tantra massage

The goal of Tantra massage is that you connect to Life from the heart. The various caresses and techniques awaken your vital energy. The job of the therapist is to channel this caudal of awakened energy towards the higher energy centers in your psychic body: solar plexus, heart, throat, space between the eyebrows, crown, and thus offer you the possibility to enjoy and have a personal experience from a new realm, a space within, beyond the senses. The session facilitates the liberation of energy and the expansion of consciousness, unlocking your inner power to connect within.

With the vital energy transformed into Love, one enjoys an inner state of plenitude and Bliss.

The goal of spiritual development is the ultimate freedom.