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MAYA created GLANZ as a space for Freedom, Awakening and an Opening up to experience LIFE in a Loving and Fulfilling way.

“I inspire others to choose and stay in the path of self-growth and self-awareness. The seeking after one´s real nature is for me devotion to Life and Freedom.” I am always very pleased to offer you various types of massage modalities for your relaxation and well being like: Tantra, Tao, Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Lomi- Lomi, etc…and overall a special intuitive massage session, where your body is like a canvas and I paint on it with my loving and caring hands to open your heart. With All my Love!


Maya was born in 15.11.1976 in Spain. Early years of childhood and teens filled with spiritual Kundalini experiences and awakening. She has a Master’s Degree in Arts and Eastern Philosophy and studies in Law from the International University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain. In the year 2000 she moved to California where she started to learn healing arts, holistic healing and massage at IPSB and Esalen Institute.

Since then a deep call for self-knowledge and self-healing arose in her. In the year 2002 she moved to India where she embarked herself on a pilgrimage of 5 and a half years: Tantra, yoga, Ayurveda, Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, austerities, meditation, self-growth and self-empowerment, etc. In India, she completed the Master degree in Reiki healing. Maya is Master in Reiki  Usui and Karuna Reiki and Tantrika, certified by the Bodhidharma Institute of Meditation-International School of Healing Arts, Indore, MP, India in January 2005.

In 2010 she arrives in Berlin. Germany, where she deepens her knowledge in Tantra massage and creates Glanz Tantra Reiki.

She traveled since then to several countries working as a Tantra and Reiki therapist offering sessions and giving workshops at holistic healing centers in Spain, Germany, India, Sweden, Dubai, UAE, U.S.A. and Israel. Nowadays living abroad.

CELINE is a professional tantric masseuse proficient in all the tantric massage techniques offered at Glanz.
She has also studied in Ayurvedic and Balinese massage.
Her sessions are sensitive and intense at the same time awakening sensual feelings and pleasurable moments.
For her, a tantric massage is an opportunity to guide you into the exploration of your intimate Self with passion and tenderness.
She offers attention and presence throughout her customized treatment for you,  listening to your needs.

ALBA  is a professional  tantric masseuse trained in all tantric massage modalities at GLANZ TANTRA REIKI.

Her sensual touch awakens many sensations in your skin.

The technique she uses works also in specific points on a deep tissue level to remove energetic knots.

The treatment facilitates self renovation, channeling your energy effectively to allow once again its natural flow throughout your body.

The result is an achievement of balance and harmony giving your mind, body, and spirit the sensation of freshness and relaxation.

A tantric massage with her improves positively your personal magnetism and charisma.


ATENEA is a professional tantric masseuse since 2011.

She received massage techniques studies with Maya at Glanz.


Her specialty is the Silk touch massage, the most intimate session offered in Glanz for a supreme relaxation

For her, a tantra massage is an opportunity to offer you well being, attention, presence, and tenderness. The session awakens your sensuality to unsuspected levels.  You will feel  delighted, uplifted and recharged




DIANA is a professional tantric masseuse.

Her massage is intimate and it awakens the sensuality in every fiber of your skin, it is a perfect combination between the soft and the deep tissue touch.

The technique she uses helps unblock energetic and emotional knots, that, once released, you will feel the immediate restorative effect: the energy will flow healthy and natural again.

Massage techniques:

Pressure in specific points, at the confluence of energy channels of the body.

Reflexology-feet massage

Deep tissue and tantra flow massage.




ADARA is a tantric masseuse trained at Glanz.
She is light and soft, the fairy queen of our team.
Her session is sweet, fine and intimate.
For Adara, a tantric massage is a very intense and pleasurable experience, where through relaxation and soft touch you can connect with an inner reality beyond the senses.





ALEXIA is a Tantric masseuse trained at Glanz.

She believes Tantra massage is related to spiritual awakening and the effective channeling of sexual energy.

She thinks that a good session should have high doses of tenderness and sweet care to enable a deep connection within so that the heart can open to unconditional Love and be healed in this process.

She is specialized in Silk touch massage, a very intimate session that will awaken deep feelings in you. You are all warmly welcome!