El arte del masaje con Amor


MAYA created GLANZ as a space for Freedom, Awakening and an Opening up to experience LIFE in a Loving and Fulfilling way.

“I inspire others to choose and stay in the path of self-growth and self-awareness. The seeking after one´s real nature is for me devotion to Life and Freedom.” I am always very pleased to offer you various types of massage modalities for your relaxation and well being like: Tantra, Tao, Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Lomi- Lomi, etc…and overall a special intuitive massage session, where your body is like a canvas and I paint on it with my loving and caring hands to open your heart. With All my Love!



Maya was born 15.11.1976 in Spain. Early years of childhood and teens filled with spiritual Kundalini experiences and awakening. She has a Master’s Degree in Arts and Eastern Philosophy and studies in Law from the International University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain. In the year 2000 she moved to California where she started to learn healing arts, holistic healing and massage at IPSB and Esalen Institute.

Since then a deep call for self-knowledge and self-healing arose in her. In the year 2002 she moved to India where she embarked herself on a pilgrimage of 5 and a half years: Tantra, yoga, Ayurveda, Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, austerities, meditation, self-growth and self-empowerment, etc. In India she completed the Master degree in Reiki healing. Maya is Master in Reiki  Usui and Karuna Reiki and Tantrika, certified by the Bodhidharma Institute of Meditation-International School of Healing Arts, Indore, MP, India in January 2005.

In 2010 she arrives in Berlin. Germany, where she deepens her knowledge in Tantra massage and creates Glanz Tantra Reiki.

She travelled since then to several countries working as a Tantra and Reiki therapist offering sessions and giving workshops at holistic healing centers in Spain, Germany, India, Sweden, Dubai, UAE, U.S.A. and Israel. Nowadays living abroad.

AMORINA is astrologer of the Psychology School of Astrology and Tantrika. Yoga and meditation are part of her Life.

She is an expert in different massage modalities: swedish, tao, reflexology and Thai.

In Thailand she studied Thai Massage.

She learned Tantra Massage in Glanz Tantra and Reiki in Barcelona, Spain. She offer sessions of Thai, Thai Tantra, Tantra and reflexology.

“Massage is a means to go deep into our emotions to heal them. When we connect with our body we can listen to it and take care of its needs. Respect ourselves and accept ourselves is the first step for self healing”. The expansion of sexual energy and its proper use is the way of Tantra, a sacred practice that shows the path to awareness and sacred sexuality.

My Tantra Massage brings:

  • Relaxation through breathing and visualizations
  • Pressure in meridians points
  • Chakra Balance
  • Flow tantra massage

DIANA is an attentive and generous tantric masseuse.
Her speciality is reflexology, the pressure in specific points in the feet.
Her sessions are energizing and intense to make you feel fresh and relaxed.
 Diana works effectively in the removal of emotional blockages.
 The results are a free and natural flow of your renovated energy and a sensation of balance and harmony.
Her massage helps with the relief of knots in your body.
 For her a tantric massage is an intimate and special encounter, in which she guides you in a trip of self-discovery.



ALEXIA is a Tantric masseuse trained at Glanz.

She believes Tantra massage is related to spiritual awakening and the effective channeling of sexual energy.

She thinks that a good sessions should have high doses of tenderness and sweet care to enable the patient  to connect with the  emotions, so that the heart can open to unconditional Love and be healed in this process.

She is specialized in Silk touch a very intimate session that will arise deep feeling in you. You are all warmly welcome!




AMBER is a tantric masseuse that got training at Glanz.

She knows different deep touch massage modalities that grant the receiver, after her treatment, with a physical and emotional well being.

Her sessions combine sensuality with relaxation.

Her specialty is the Shiva Lingam massage, to enhance and channel properly your vital energy so that you avoid Life force loss.

For Amber Tantra massage is a way to give, from generosity and unconditional Love.


PRISCILLA is Yoga teacher and traditional Odissi dancer.
She is also our tantric therapist specialized in the Thai Tantra massage, the perfect fusion of the oriental thai massage, that involves stretching and pressure in specific points of the body, with the sensuality and the proper channelling of vital energy characteristic of the Tantra massage.
She is soft and charming, attentive and professional, with many years of experience in the path of spiritual development.
For her a Tantra massage is a great self discovery, where you will learn to integrate your vital energy for your personal growth.




TINA is a qualified tantric massage therapist.

She was trained in Tantra and Ayurvedic massage in Dublin, Ireland.

She has a strong connection with spirit and her own sexual energy.

Tantra massage is a very  unique experience, that connects you with your most intimate self, open a gate to discover your deepest spiritual and natural state.

Tina believes that when we experience pleasure fully, it has a transformative effect in us; creating more love, more awareness and aliveness.

Her deep tantric treatment will relax your body and mind.



OMKARA  is a very sensitive therapist certified in Acupuncture, Ayurveda and specialized in Eastern Philosophy. He is a Tantra and Reiki practitioner and therapist.

Omkara is Master of Reiki Usui.

He offers Chakra Balance therapy with tibetan bowls and Balinese massage with esential oils at Glanz.

He studied in India, Germany, Peru, China and Spain.

Yoga and meditation are part of his Life.

“Welcome to a session where i will delight you with my healing hands”.



 KAUAN is a tantric masseuse. He studied Tantra, Yoga and holistic therapies in Brazil.

He lives with the firm belief, that the experience of pleasure is in its own, a healing process.

At Glanz he offers tantric sessions for men exclusively.

His technique combines the intense touch to remove energetic knot,  with the sensual touch of the tantric massage. After his session you will feel relaxed and lighter, it is a good stress relief.

For him “LOVE” is the way to evolution.



DIMITRI is a tantric therapist for men, women and couples.

He has also studies in different holistic healing modalities like: music-therapy, naturopathy, reflexology and deep tissue massage.

Tantra massage is a way to heal the intimacy of the self when you are open to feel from the heart.

In his sessions you will discover generosity and unconditional Love.