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This is a corner for expressing thoughts and inspirations that came up during tantra massage sessions or afterwards, when the heart is overflowing with Love.

Thoughts being expressed as a result of meetings with special beings.


To the pure in heart, everything is pure

A pure heart is a free heart, a loving heart a heart that beats to the fullest. Life is full of experiences, choose well, learn from them. Be aware in your actions and thoughts, act with the purpose of achieving self-knowledge in whatever you do. Thoughts are powerful, learn to master your mind.

Connect yourself with your breath, listen to it.

Breathe LIFE

You are my inspiration,

i am going to love you so deeply…long and deep

i will love you,

until you lose sense of time and space…

i will perform my velvet dance,

sliding my hands over your body,

soft and slow, satiny and delicate choreography of peace,

waves of ecstasy will overflow from your being…

bringing a loving message to every cell in your body.

This is my present to you….

i am going to love you so deeply…long and deep

i will love you.

Paiting on you

Your body is like a canvas….

the impressions I leave on your skin,

my Art.

To the great souls…

I melted through you in the heart for an eternal instant.

Love is pure conscious divine energy that goes beyond the form and lives outside time and space.

And Love comes when i feel you inside me, when we become One.

The passion when mutual lights up the fires in the heart that purify the spirit. Vibrate and live in that eternal instant.


Tantra Massage is the Art of refined, delicate and elegant eroticism with a clear healing purpose that aims to open a gate to your heart.


Tantra Ritual

Before a loving act, honor your partner and offer gratitude.
Consider your body precious, because it is the sacred temple where your heart shines.
Be aware of the important and deep connection between your sexuality and your spirit.
Sexual energy can connect you with the highest in you, during a loving tantra ritual with your partner.
Unite from a state of relaxation, from the heart center, to loose yourselves in an ecstasy that goes beyond the physical body.