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Glanz Tantra Reiki Barcelona

The Art of Loving touch


Phone: +34 634706486

Glanz is an holistic healing massage center in Barcelona.

We offer sessions of energy healing with massage for your relaxation and well being.

We are specialized in Tantra and Reiki.

Tantra is an ancient philosophy, a spiritual path that shows you how to deal with your vital energy to achieve self-realization or enlightenment.

Reiki is an energy hands-on healing system that helps you in your spiritual development to accomplish inner peace.

Glanz means brilliance in german and refers to that radiance that marks off the rise of pure consciousness in a vision that suddenly dazzles during meditation. In Glanz we are devoted to your inner awakening and to help you achieve a higher state of awareness.




Tantra massage removes mental and emotional blockages. The free energy flow after receiving a tantra massage session, expands your consciousness and liberates you from dense emotions, negative energy and limiting thoughts and beliefs. 


Tantra and Reiki massage therapy is deep.

It helps in the process of self-discovery, through the integration and fusion of the inner masculine and feminine energies, to achieve relaxation, peace, meditation and bliss. The ultimate goal is the regeneration of  your vital energy,  from gross to subte. Tantra and Reiki massage enables an inner  self-transformation.

Visit us in Barcelona. Call and whatsapp +34634706486

Acupuncture sessions with the Master Omkara.

Acupunture allows the unlocking of the body energy channels to improve the state of any physical ailment.




Reiki Usui and Karuna treatments remove negativity from your energetic field, balance the energy centers in your body and recharge you with unconditional Love and inner Peace. Sessions given by Reiki Masters. From 30 min up to 1,5 hrs.





Tantra massage brings liberation and an inner transformation. Attention, presence, healing and lots of  loving care in our sessions.


**OUTCALL MASSAGE** We come to your Hotel for your comfort and relaxation. Service with an extra charge of taxi from our center to your location and return.

 Tantra Ritual for couples

Before a loving encounter, honor your partner and offer gratitude.
Consider your body and the body of your partner precious, because it is the sacred temple where your heart shines.

Be aware of the important and deep connection of your vital energy with the spirit.

Your vital energy can connect you with the highest and the most subtle energy within , during a loving ritual with your partner.

Embrace each other in deep relaxation, from the heart, to lose each other in ecstasy beyond the physical body.